Important Announcements

Stay Tuned as the Next Big tournament is coming up...can't spoil a lot but all I can say is .. Guilds vs Guilds. :D

Site Updates

Please register to our site and we will promote you to member ASAP so you can post in the forums and participate in comments. (We have reached 50 MEMEBERS!)

Also don't miss the important announcements in the News which will have detailed explanation of every major step!

The Forums is open for all suggestions and questions!

Current check list of needs:

1. Finalization and in to alpha testing of the new points system.

2. Site designing as fit, to have a 'professional' feel.

3. Bringing more clans in to the 'group.'

4. Keep word out!

-TheBlondeRogue, and Paladin Adam

Please Take your time to explore our Guilds of AQW pages, any suggesstion, coments or complains please post them in forums!

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Chat Rules:

1. Post any adult website, and your perma banned.

2. Ask for mod: 1. kicked, 2. ban an hour, 3. ban 6 hours, 4. permabanned.

3. Argue for long hours? there are pms for that. 1. kick, 2. ban an hour, 3. ban 3 hours, 4. ban 6 hours, 5. perma bann.

4. Moderator abusing power? show proof, i will talk to mod about it, might give him a warning might not, depends on situation. However if you constantly complain about the mods, 1. ban 1 hour, 2. ban 6 hours, 3. ban 24 hours, 4. perma banned.

5. IP bans will be advised.

6. Complain about or argue about GoA system and how it works? there are forums for that.

7. No racial slurs.
~Rules Are Bound to Change, Due to 'loopholes'~

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